About The Book

Bob Foley has coached professional basketball teams, leads a multi-million dollar company, and once made 750 consecutive free-throws. His experience, leadership, teambuilding, and motivational skills have helped him deliver championship teams on the court, in the board-room, and in the trenches of everyday business.

Running a professional basketball organization and running a successful business is based on the same core formula. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, executive, or entrepreneur, GO Hard or GO Home provides a blueprint to applying common-sense principles to success. Bob Foley will show you:

  • Why he would rather lose with the right people than win with the wrong people — and how it is possible to win with the right people.
  • Why you should bring the three “E”s every day: Effort, Emotion, and Enthusiasm — and how to inspire your team to bring the same passion.
  • How balance is everything and assembling the right team — and putting the right people in the right positions — is all-important. In basketball, there is only one ball: While all coaches love great shooters, if your team has five great “shooters” you automatically have four problems.
  • Why true champions are made, not born, and how building a winning tradition can translate into long-term success.

If you have a plan and work that plan you can reach your dreams... and help others achieve their dreams as well. Bob Foley does not re-invent the wheel of business and leadership — he puts a common-sense, practical, back to basics spin on a proven approach. This book will help you look at yourself and your team — in business or in sports — and make sure you are focused, balanced, and pointed in the right direction to succeed.

And as a bonus, you’ll receive shooting tips from a shooting expert. All great shooters shoot the same way; you’ll learn how to shoot free-throws with perfect form — and by extension learn how to evaluate, rework, and optimize any process.